The 2013 University Poker Championship!

The University Championship is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year! For the occasion, the event will see Laurence Grondin, the Espacejeux’s poker pro, will act as honorary event president.  Espacejeux, the Québec’s online poker room and part of the Loto-Québec’s network, will host the whole competition this year. To celebrate the fifth year of this COMPLETELY FREE winter competition, not only one, but two 2013 WSOP package will be up for grabs! Excitement will start building in early February, as all 15 Québec universities begin competing at the tables.  What’s more, the Live Finals weekend will be held in the jewel of the province’s casinos, the Casino of Montréal!

The University Championship is a completely FREE poker competition in which participants from all 15 Quebec universities holding classes during the 2013 winter university session face off in a series of ten online tournaments. During these tournaments, participants will earn money and points to establish the standings that will determine who will participate in the Live Finals to be held at the Casino de Montréal during the weekend of March 23 and 24, 2013.

As in the previous years, more than $20,000 will be distributed to winners, starting with qualifying tournaments! The main prizes will have winners vying for the highest levels and rewards in the world of poker. Indeed, the winners of the Finals will win:

Two 2013 WSOP  packages!

Each package includes an entry for a WSOP side event to be played next summer ($1,000 buy-in), accommodations in a luxury hotel, air transportation, and enough spending money to invite a guest, or experience a top class solo trip for a week! Each package has an estimated value of $2,500.  Conditions may apply.

How can I qualify?

There are two ways to qualify online, both absolutely free:

First way to qualify: Each registered player may participate in all 10 free online tournaments which are played by students from all universities combined.  A total of $600 in purses will be awarded at each tournament.

Players also earn points according to their ranking in these tournaments. See the points table.

Following those 10 tournaments,each player’s 6 best performances will be added up in order to establish standings. The top 4 players at each university ( those with the most points) will qualify for the Live finals at the Casino de Montréal.

Second way to qualify: Players from each university may also  participate in an online 6-player max ( per table) tournament. For this segment, players are only allowed to participate in their intra-university tournament.

Each university will hold its own tournament. The winner of that tournament will represent his university at the Live Finals. Each tournament will have a $200 prize pool.

The representative of each university, in exchange for recruiting work, will also be part of the university team and will qualify for the Live Finals.  He will act as the team captain.

Note that a player who wins his intra-tournament and is also among the top 4 of his university standings will be considered qualified due to the intra-university tournament.  Consequently, the player in 5th position in the points standings will qualify for the Finals, not the player who finished 2nd in the intra-university tournament.

How can I register?

Very easy! Registration is easy and free. Here’s how to proceed:

If you don’t have a Espacejeux account:

1. Become a member of Espacejeux.  Enter promo code UNIV622 and take advantage of the 25$ new member offer*.  No cash deposit is required!

Become a member

2. Download the Espacejeux software.


3. Once the software is installed, please fill out the form below



***Once you click “subscribe”, you will be redirected to this page and a confirmation email will be sent to you. You will NEED to click the link included in that email to complete your registration. If you can’t find the email, please check your “spam” box***


4. Become a fan of our Facebook page to meet all the players and be sure you don’t miss any information! Reminders will be posted before each tournament.


* Certain conditions apply. View conditions.


If you already have an Espacejeux account

Simply fill in the form indicated in point #3 above


Please email us if you want to get in touch with the recruiter of your region.

Andrew Hollingdale
Yifan Dong
Jonathan Dacosta
Jean-Sébastien Blais-Riendeau
Daniel Wolfe
Étienne Leclerc-Jolette
Philippe Laliberté
Alexandre Huot
Jean Cournoyer-Rodrigue
Alexandra Daoust
Frédéric Pépin
Bruno Raîche
Jonathan Tremblay
Simon Brunette
Maxime Gagné


The inter-universities tournaments will take place every Sunday night and Wednesday night for 5 weeks.

Week 1: Wednesday February 6th – Sunday February 10th

Week 2: Wednesday February 13th – Sunday February 17th

Week 3: Wednesday February 20th – Sunday February 24th

Week 4: Wednesday February 27th – Sunday March 3rd

Week 5: Wednesday March 6th – Sunday March 10th

The intra-mural tournaments will be held on March 6th.

The passwords allowing players to register in the tournaments will be sent the day before each tournament to the email address that you registered with.

All the info about the blind levels and the prizes structure in relation to the events will be mentioned in the Espacejeux lobby.  All amounts won by participants will be deposited directly in their Espacejeux accounts (please note that a delay can occur before the deposit can be made).


The standings after 10 events are now available.  However, these results will only be considered final this Thursday at noon.  Any request regarding the standings need to be sent before that moment.  Note that the 4 top scorers (in green) will qualify for the finals.  The recruter (in orange) and the winner of the intra tournament (in blue) will complete the team of 6 players.

*TIP!  To quickly find where you stand, open the link below and press CTRL+F.  Simply search for your player name!




Only players who have accumulated points appear in the standings.  If you’ve finished among the top 300 in a tournament and do not appear in the standings, you ARE NOT PROPERLY REGISTERED in the database.  This can be explained by:

* The player hasn’t completed his registration. This could mean he did not click the confirmation link he received by email by example.

* The player got confused between his login name and his player name.  We need the name that appears at the table.

* The player has simply made a mistake when writing his player name.

To get their points, these players should promptly contact us via, providing their complete info (full name, university, email used and the good player name).  The data will be rectified at the next standings update.


Here is the rundown of how points are awarded for each of the qualifying inter universities tournaments. The first 300 positions for each tournament receive points.

NOTE: This point system is subject to change without prior notice.

Standings Points
first position 1 500
secound position 1 200
third position 1 100
4th position 1 000
5th position 950
6th position 900
7th position 850
8th position 800
9th position 750
10th position 700
11th position 675
12th position 650
13th position 625
14th position 600
15th position 580
16th position 560
17th position 540
18th position 520
19th position 500
20th position 490
21th position 480
22th position 470
23th position 460
24th position 450
25th position 440
26th position 430
27th position 420
28th position 410
29th position 400
30th position 390
31th position 380
32th position 370
33th position 360
34th position 350
35th position 340
36th position 330
37th position 320
38th position 310
39th position 305
40th position 300
41th position 295
42th position 290
43th position 285
44th position 280
45th position 275
46th position 270
47th position 265
48th position 260
49th position 255
50th position 251
51th position 250
52th position 249 -x points


The Live Finals will be held March 23rd and 24th 2013, at the Montréal Casino!

The Montréal Casino is the jewel of the Société des Casinos du Québec. Luxurious casino recognized around the world, it offers an atmosphere on par with the greatest casinos in the world. No doubt about it, the Live Finals at the Casino de Montréal will be the ultimate poker experience for the 90 finalists.

The teams from UQAC, UQAR, and UQAT will be lodged 2 nights in Montreal, at Espacejeux’s expense.

The teams Bishop’s, Sherbrooke, UQTR and UQO and the ones from Quebec City will be lodged on Saturday night, at Espacejeux’s expense

The individual final on Saturday**

For the individual Championship on Saturday, a live standard tournament will be held between the 90 finalists. Money prizes will be awarded to the final table players. The winner will receive a 2013 WSOP package worth 2 500$ !

On top of the Grand Prize, other players at the final table will receive:

2nd: 800$
3rd: 500$
4th: 400$
5th: 300$
6th: 300$
7th: 200$
8th: 200$
9th: 150$
10th: 150$

The team final on Sunday**

The team final is an original concept developed by Poker-Solution! 10 player tables are set, making sure no more than one player per university is seated at any given table. For example, it is impossible for 2 players from Concordia to be seated at the same table.

9 one table tournaments are played. Every player represents his/her university and gains points awarded in accordance to the final position of each player.

The same process takes place a second time with different table assignments. Thus, every player plays 2 tournaments.

Standings are kept up to date during the single table tournaments. Then the top two universities, those with the most points advance to the team final. In case of a tie, the first tie breaker shall be the most first place finishes, followed by the most second place finishes, and so on.

Each player from the two teams then plays one final heads-up match. The university with the most wins is crowned University Champion!

The two finalist universities players will receive monetary prizes. Each player from the winning university will receive 500$ in his Espacejeux account, while every player from the finalist team will receive 100$.  These amounts will be deposited in the players Espacejeux accounts.

In case of a tie, a decisive Heads-Up will be played between players designated by their university representative.

NEW IN 2013! A 2013 WSOP package will also be given to one member of the winning team! The six members of the winning team will be invited to play an additional online tournament on Espacejeux on March 31st to crown the winner of this additional package.

Note that if the winner of the WSOP package on Saturday is part of the winning team on Sunday, that player won’t be eligible to participate in the final online tournament giving the 2nd WSOP package.  The player will however be eligible to win the cash prizes at play during the live finals.

**Other conditions apply.  Complete participation rules of the live finals will be available at the Casino of Montreal, seven (7) days before the finals, at the latest.

2nd chance tournaments

Every tournament evening at 8.30 PM, a second chance tournament will be held to further the pleasure of eliminated players.  Make good use of the 25$ you got at registration with these exclusive tournaments!

These second chance tournaments have a 3.30$ buy-in and will award 100$ in added money to the prize pool.  In addition, the two winners from each tournament will win their seat for the final tournament!  During the final tournament, the 20 finalists will have a chance to compete against Laurence Grondin.  The prize pool will be of 700$, while a 300$ bounty will be placed on Laurence’s head!

A player can only win one seat for the final tournament, even if he finished in the top 2 of a second chance tournament more than once.