Interview with Jonathan Duhamel

Publié le 14 juillet 2010

PrincePoker is pleased to reproduce  this week the profile of a young player Quebecois currently experiencing a meteoric rise. This profile was first published in December 2008. 18 months afterwards, it’s interesting to replay this interview.

Known for his aggressive style and ability to play multiple tables online, Jonathan Duhamel now beginning to participate in major international tournaments. As late as last week, he finished in tenth position in the main event of the EPT Prague. Poker John gladly answered our questions. Here is his interview:

PrincePoker: Tell us about your beginnings in poker, that was your trigger?

Jonathan Duhamel: I started playing with the older brother of one of my friends and a few other  friends,  just like almost everyone. I loved it from the start and I immediately realized that in this game, there were good players and very bad players too. The difference was evident..

PrincePoker: What was the reaction of your entourage when you told them about your decision to become pro?

Jonathan Duhamel: Obviously my parents  did not agree. They did everything to dissuade me,  as it is anything but a standard  occupation.

PrincePoker: What do you consider your greatest quality poker and what do you most improvement?

Jonathan Duhamel: My greatest quality I think is my calm. I manage to never tilt. What I need the most to improve is to stop playing the sheriff and  respect more players, especially the bad players who also have good hands sometimes.

PrincePoker: What was your most memorable moment in poker?

Jonathan Duhamel: Probably when I realized that I could make a living playing poker. I realized one day that I was ready to turn pro, it would work!

PrincePoker: You play a lot of  poker, is it  exclusively no limit hold’em?

Jonathan Duhamel: Yes, I do not see the need to develop other games now. The players and the dollars are in no limit presently.

PrincePoker : You  frequently participate in discussions on poker forums . Do you think it has made an impact on your game? If so, how?

Jonathan Duhamel: Absolutely! When I started, from .05 -. 10 up to $ 2 $ -4 This was my main tool to improve my game By posting my hands, asking questions, trying to answer others, my understanding of game has evolved a lot.

PrincePoker: What do you prefer? Tournaments or cash games? Live or on the net?

Jonathan Duhamel: The cash games on the internet without a doubt! I like my 18 tables, 6 players max! I like them a lot more than anything live, except for big tournaments.

PrincePoker:  You have a meteoric rise and you are participating more and more in major tournaments. Do you have an ambition, a specific dream that you would like to achieve in your playing career?
Jonathan Duhamel: Become the best player in the world and win a bracelet. Hmm, actually win more bracelets lol.

PrincePoker: What is your favorite player?

Jonathan Duhamel: At first it was Negreanu, Phil Ivey is my favorite by far right now. I like Patrick Antonius, he is so calm at the table!

PrincePoker: If you had one piece of advice for a beginner what would it be?

Jonathan Duhamel: To manage his bankroll. Climbing the limits one step at a time. There is nothing more terrible than playing poker over limits of our bankroll and lose a large part on a whim or because of poor preparation.

PrincePoker: What is your work schedule?

Jonathan Duhamel: When I turned pro, I chose to play on a European site (Everest Poker). It allows me to play hours and keep an almost normal life. Before starting a session I need at least 3 hours to fully wake up. Then I get into the sessions usually 12:00 to 9:00 p.m., or from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.. It gives me my evenings free, so I can go out like everyone else.

PrincePoker: Besides poker, what are your passions, hobbies?

Jonathan Duhamel: Hockey, hockey, hockey and hockey lol. I play all year round! Also I love golf, but I’m too rotten !

PrincePoker: Do you have a  fetish hand?

Jonathan Duhamel: J-7 of clubs, green lol. I play online with a  4 color deck of course.

PrincePoker: What was your wildest spending connected to a winning poker?

Jonathan Duhamel: I have not yet done anything crazy, but I aim to buy a condo in the near future.

Thank you John, and best of luck in poker!


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