The 2016 WPT-Montreal Championship Dream Team! Be part of the PrincePoker delegation at the prestigious local tournament of the year!

  • An exclusive poker league, available only to members and readers of the Prince Network.
  • 9 $250 side event seats to be won
  • Main prize: One WPT main event seat (value of $3 850!)
  • 10 online tournaments of only 6 $ each!

Throughout 6$ buyin tournaments, become one of the 9 players representing the Prince Network during the 2016 WPT-Montreal Championship, held at the Playground Poker Club!  PrincePoker will qualify 9 players in a side event. These winners will participate in a last longer challenge during that tournament. The winner of that battle will win his WPT Main Event seat!

  • The 4 highest scoring player online will automatically win their $250 side event seat!
  • 5 additional seats will be in play during the free online final.
  • Win a single tournament and earn your seat for the final! Best players in the points standing will also join the final, for a total of 30 finalists. During the online final:
  • The last 5 players in the finals will get their 250 $ side event seat, for a total delegation of 9 PrincePoker players! These players will battle in a last longer during that live event.
  • The winner of the last longer will get his 3850 $ WPT Main Event seat!

How does it work?

  1. Enter one, some, or all of the 10 tournaments of the WPT Dream Team season.
  2. Win just one tournament and you are in the Online Final!
  3. Finish in the money and also get points. The top point leaders that haven’t already won their 250 $ seat also qualify for the Final. 30 players will participate in the online Final.

Winning a prize

For each tournament, the generated prize pool will be awarded as usual. Players will also earn 1 point/1 cent won.

The 4 points leaders after the 10 qualifying tournaments will automatically win their 250$ side event seat . These players won’t participate in the online final.

The Online Final:

For the online Grand Final, 30 players (maximum) will face-off in an online freeroll (the winners of the qualifying tournaments that didn’t finish in the top 4 + the point leaders who haven’t already won their seat, until we reach 30 players). The 5 winners of that final will also win their 250 $ seat.


Simple! All you have to do is fill up the form below to register for the Dream Team League. Once registered, you will receive the passwords of each event by email. If you participed in the Dream Team League in a previous edition held on PartyPoker, you do not need to register again!


  1. If you don’t already have an account on PartyPoker, download the software, by using this link
  2. When your account is created, fill in this form:


Throughout the league season, every Sunday evening and Wednesday evening, participate in a buy-in tournament exclusive to registered members in the WPT Dream Team League. Each tournament is password protected. You will receive each password by email when you register, then before each tournament.

Each tournament goes on as usual and the prize pool is awarded in the usual way. No money is withheld, except for the normal rake taken by PartyPoker. Hence the prize pool is returned to the players in its entirety with the traditional payout structure.

Winners of each of the 10 league tournaments automatically win their entrance into the online Grand Final. A player cannot win more than one seat; thus, a player winning two or more tournaments will only receive one seat to the online Grand Final.

Points will also be awarded to every player finishing in the money. For each dollar won, a player will win one hundred points. For example, if a player wins 145.55$, he will get 14 555 points. A player winning 8.65$ will receive 865 points.

Standings will be compiled with these points. The top point winners not having won a tournament (the winners being automatically qualified to the final) will then be invited to play in the online Final, until we reach a total of 30 finalists.


Each tournament starts at 8 P.M. Eastern Time and can be found under Tournaments/ Specials

All tournaments are NLHE full ring.

1st tournament: 500$ added FREEROLL! Wednesday September 21st
2nd tournament: Sunday September 25th
3rd tournament: Wednesday September 28th
4th tournament: Sunday October 2nd
5th tournament: Wednesday October 5th
6th tournament: Sunday October 9th
7th tournament: Wednesday October 12th
8th tournament: Sunday October 16th
9th tournament: Wednesday October 19th

10th tournament: Sunday October 23rd

Online Final: Sunday October 30th


Here’s the standing after the first ten tournaments. Players have until noon on October 26th to contest this standing. It will then be considered final.

Other Rules

  • Only Canadian players are eligible. Proof of identity will be required before receiving your prize. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  • You can only win one seat into the online Final
  • Seats in the online final are not transferable and have no cash value. If a qualifier cannot be present, he cannot be replaced and will not be compensated.
  • In the event a qualifier cannot be present in the online final, he will not be replaced by the next player in the standings. The online Final will thus be played with less than 30 players in such a case.
  • The 250 $ side event seats cannot be sold or cashed. They are transferable, with a major particularity: Any winner of a 250 $ that couldn’t himself play in the event would automatically be disqualified from the last longer with the Main Event seat in play.
  • The Main Event seat won cannot be cashed or transfered.
  • In case of a tie to determine a final position in the standings, the number of first place finishes will serve as a tie-breaker, followed by the most second, third, fourth and so on positions. If the tie is still unbroken, a draw between the tied players will be held.  A maximum of 30 players can earn their place in Grand Final through this process.
  • PrincePoker will have media coverage throughout the event. Participants recognize they may be subject to the usual media requests and accept de facto to contribute to such coverage, either via pictures, interviews, blogs, etc.
  • The 9 winners will at all times during the WPT event wear the patches from PrincePoker, the Playground Poker Club and PartyPoker. These patches will remain visible on the player at all times during the event.
  • During the side event last longer, every player will have the responsability to report their elimination within 5 minutes after they bust. Should they exceed this delay, they will automatically be disqualified from the last longer challenge.
  • In case of a legislative change that would prevent the league to operate normally, activities will be stopped with no compensation to the players.
  • PrincePoker has the right to modify the terms and conditions of this competition at any time. In case of any dispute, PrincePoker’s decision will be considered final.