The WSOP 888Poker-PrincePoker Dream Team: the poker experience of a lifetime!

  • The most generous online poker league in Canada, presenting two tournaments per week
  • Launch freeroll offering $500
  • 5 WSOP 2015 packages to be won!


Participate and try to become one the 5 winners of a dream trip in Las Vegas, with plane, hotel and expenses money, and play in a 2015 WSOP event!

Each winner gets:

  • Lodging at Le Paris hotel of Las Vegas, check in on July 2nd, check out on July 6th.
  • $675 toward travel expenses
  • Entry into the Lucky 7s (#66) WSOP event, on July 3rd 2015


The 888Poker-PrincePoker Dream Team, THE most generous online poker league in Canada!


How does it work?

  1. Take part in one, many, or all 12 tournaments during the Dream Team’s season. Aside from the first one, each tourney is 6$+0.60$
  2. Win any tournament and you get a seat in the Season Online Final!
  3. Finish in the money of any tournament and get points. Every player in the top 20 of the cumulative points standings (that haven’t won an event, since they would already be qualified) also qualifies for the Season Final.
  4. Finish first or second of the cumulative points standings and you become a member of the 888Poker-PrincePoker Dream Team!


Simple! All you have to do is fill up the form below to register for the 888Poker-PrincePoker Dream Team. IMPORTANT: Even if you were already a member of the Dream Team league these last years, you NEED to register again to play.

Additionally, every new 888Poker player enjoys an 88$ gift, without any conditions or deposit, just by opening their account!


  1. If you don’t have an 888Poker account, download the software; you must use this link.
  2. Once your account is set, fill in this form:

  3. You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the appropriate link in order to validate your registration. You will then receive passwords before each tournament via email.


Every Sunday and Wednesday night at 8PM, play in a private tournament, open only to members of the 888Poker-PrincePoker Dream Team. Each one is password protected. You will receive the password via email before each event.

Every tournament is Fullhanded No Limit Hold’em.

Every tournament is a standard separate event and payouts are done in the usual fashion. No money is kept besides the tournament fee (0.60$). Every dollar in the prize pool is returned to the winners.

The winners of the 12 tournaments of the season automatically win a seat to the Season Online Final. No one can win more than one seat. Thus, a player winning 2 or more tournaments in the season will only get one seat.

Points are awarded to all money finishers every tournament. Standings will be added up. The top 20 point getters after each season not having won a seat by winning a tournament are also awarded a seat in the Season Online Final.

Season Online Final

Once the season’s 12 events are completed, the Season Final is held between all qualified players. The 30 finalists, or less if a player win more than one event, face off in an ultimate freeroll.

The 3 winners of this freeroll become automatically members of the 888Poker-PrincePoker Dream Team!


Each tournament is held at 8PM, Eastern Time, and can be found under Tournaments / Restricted

week #1: Sunday April 26th (500$ freeroll)/ Wednesday April 29th
week #2: Sunday May 3rd /Wednesday May 6th
week #3: Sunday May 10th/Wednesday May 13th
week #4: Sunday May 17th/Wednesday May 20th
week #5: Sunday May 24th/Wednesday May 27th
week #6: Sunday May 31st/Wednesday June 3rd

Season Final: Sunday June 7th


Every penny won in a tournament is converted to 1 point. Consequently, a $75.40 win would translate to 7540 points, un $12.34 win to 1234 points, etc.

The Dream Team

Here’s the final standing. Players in blue have won their WSOP package! Players in green and yellow are qualified for the final event on Sunday June 7th.

The Dream Team will also get unparalleled coverage during the trip to Las Vegas. A portrait of each will be built and published on PrincePoker in order to have each of them better known and followed during their 2015 WSOP experience.

The team will be accompanied by representatives of throughout this trip.


Each member of the Dream team wins:

  • Lodging at the Paris hotel of Las Vegas, check in en July 2nd, check out on July 6th
  • $675 toward travel expenses
  • Entry into a $777 WSOP event, on July 3rd 2015

Of course, monies from each tournament will also be paid out as usual, with the standard structure.


- Only Canadian players can take part in this league. Qualified players will have to prove their citizenship in order to get their final prize. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

- Players can only earn one seat for a Season Online Final. No seat is transferable or redeemable for cash.

- In case of a tie in the point standings for a seat to the Season Final, the number of wins will be the first tie-breaker, followed if necessary by the number of second, third places, etc. If 2 players are still tied, a draw will decide who qualifies. There will never be more than 20 players from the points standings qualified for the Season Final.

- A player that could not participate in the online final will not be replaced by the next one in the standing. There will simply be less finalists in the tournament.

- In case of a legislative change out of our control that would prevent us to hold the league, it might be cancelled at any time, without compensation to the players.

- PrincePoker has the right to modify the rules at any time. PrincePoker will have the final decision in case of any dispute.

- PrincePoker will cover the league throughout the competition, from the qualifying seasons to the VIP trip to Las Vegas. Participants understand they could potentially be part of this coverage and agree to contribute in good faith, whether it would be through interviews, blog if requested, etc.

- WSOP packages are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

- All WSOP winners will wear the PrincePoker and 888Poker patches during the event.